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30 of The Best FREE Lightroom Presets

There are a TON of free Lightroom presets on the internet nowadays. Where do you even begin to search, let alone find the best ones?

Have no worries, because we're here to save the day. We've compiled a list of some of the best free Adobe Lightroom presets we could find so you can quickly sift through and get the ones worth downloading.

Be sure to bookmark this page! We will periodically update this page with more presets.

1. Beach Life

This free preset is courtesy of Natalie from the Czech Republic. Great for beach photography.


2. De-saturated Cinema Effect

Going for a cinematic type look? This preset, a sample from Photographypla's cinematic pack, will give your photos a cinema-inspired de-saturated look.

3. Cross Processed Lightroom Preset

Cross processing is the purposeful processing of film in an incorrect chemical solution. Resulting in some pretty interesting green-blue type colors usually. This preset will recreate that look.


4. Frosty Kiss

Give your photos that cold frosty touch.


5. Autumn Lightroom Preset

With this free preset you can give any photo you choose an autumn-esque sepia tone.


6. Soft Newborn

This is one of our free presets. Our soft newborn preset will make newborn and baby photos appear much softer and brighter.

7. The Prairie

For outdoor and landscape photos. Adds a warm vintage look.

8. Natural Perfection

Another nice preset for your landscape and nature photos.

9. Breezy

10. Violet Smoothie

11. Grungy Wildlife

Makes your wildlife photos look raw and grungy. Another freebie from us.

12. Moody

Gives a moody look to your photos.

13. CosmicDancer

14. Blue Boost for Landscapes

Sky a little dull? Use this to boost the blues and make things like the water and sky pop.

15. Rough

This freebie from Polarpx adds a nice colourful matte as well as brightens the shadows.

16. Fall to Spring

Another beautiful one from Polarpx that we couldn't pass up. Change a fall photo into a spring one with just a click.

17. Softer Skin

Perfect for portraits. Soften skin easily by reducing clarity.

18. Silver Surfer

A beautiful black and white preset from

19. Nature Color Enhance

One of the multitudes of free LR presets from DeviantArt. This one is specifically for enhancing the colour in your nature photos. Get it below.

20. Haze Landscape

Adds a little bit of haze to your landscape photography but can be used for any photo. Can be used to add a more mysterious or dreamy look.

21. Vintage HDR

HDR + old Vintage combined for a very interesting effect. Fun preset to play around with.

22. Cinema

Another wonderful free Lightroom preset courtesy of Shutterpulse

23. Tatiane Maria

An all-around one-click preset for almost any type of photo.

24. Warm Contrast

25. Grungy Sports Shot

This preset adds a grungy de-saturated look to bring out the energy and action of sports.

26. Sunny Love

Creates a beautiful sunny effect that warms up the photo.

27. Fairy Tale

28. Chilly Morning

Recreate that cold morning look easily.

29. Light Leak

Adds a warm light that looks like it was leaking into the lens.

30. Low Contrast Matte

The last one on our list and of course we have to end with one of our free presets! This one lowers the contrast and adds that soft matte finish.

There is much more amazing free presets out there but these are the best of the best. Hope you enjoy.

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