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Vintage HDR - FREE Lightroom Vintage Preset

Hi everyone, Zachary here. The free Lightroom preset we have for you today is a bit more a fun one. I created this one as I was messing around with an HDR look and decided to put a sepia vintage appearance on top of it. Maybe you’ll find some use of it but it’s useful for learning as well. This preset changes highlights, shadows, blacks, whites, vibrance, clarity, sharpening, split tones and it adds a vignette.

This free Lightroom preset is taken from our Vintage Sepia Presets collection which costs $19 for 20 more presets.

  • Compatible with Lightroom Classic, CC, 6, 5, 4
  • Instructions Included
  • Mac & PC Compatible
  • Works With RAW & JPEG Photos
  • Adjustable Settings

Before & After

See what this unique preset does when used on this photo of an old truck.


As is obvious from the photo, you can clearly see the HDR effect added in the after photo but also the sepia tint. A very unique and different look to add to your collection of presets.

Download here

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