Collection: Photoshop Overlays

Make your photos stand out among the crowd with our wide selection of Photoshop overlay packs. The best way to add extra elements to your photos by dragging and dropping. Add smoke bombs for a gender reveal shoot, sparklers for a wedding, or bubbles to give a photo a dreamy look.

Photoshop Overlays FAQ

What are Photoshop overlays?

Photo overlays are images that you can add on top of your photos to give them some extra flair and style, like light overlays or smoke. They can even be used to replace or enhance existing elements. Imagine you have a photo of yourself, and you want to make it look dreamy with some twinkling stars. That's where overlays come in!

How do I use overlays in Photoshop?

Using overlays in Adobe Photoshop is pretty simple. You just open your photo in Photoshop, then drag and drop the overlay on top of it. You then adjust the size, position, opacity, and blend mode of the overlay to make it blend seamlessly with your original image. It's like decorating a cake with icing – you're adding extra details to make your photo look even better!

Why should I use Photoshop Overlays?

Overlays can be a fun and creative way to enhance your photos, whether you're working on client photos or just adding a little extra something to your social media pics. Next time you want to give your photos that extra wow factor, consider trying them out. They're like a quick and easy way to sprinkle some magic onto your pictures!

What are the best Photoshop Overlays?

Here at NUUGRAPHICS we have one of the largest collections of high-quality premium overlay packs available for you to choose from with thousands of happy photographers who can attest to them. If you want to try, we even have some free overlays over on our blog.