FREE Fireworks Overlay

We’re back with another free photoshop overlay for you today! We took a bit of a hiatus from posting but we’re glad to be offering this free fireworks overlay for Photoshop today. Have any night photos that are a bit bland? Why not add some fireworks? Or maybe you already have a fireworks photo but want to make it a bit more exciting and add some more? Easy. Check it out below.

This free Photoshop overlay is taken from our Fireworks overlays collection which costs $29 for 50 more high-quality overlays.


  • Compatible With ANY Layering Software
  • Works With RAW, JPEG, & PNG Photos
  • Instructions Included
  • Mac & PC Compatible

Before & After

Check out the overlay in action.

This outcome was accomplished with just two steps believe it or not. I simply dragged the overlay on top of the original photo to where I wanted it and then changed the blending mode to “screen.” Using the overlay really is that simple and can have amazing results too.

It’s free, why not download? Fill in your best email below to subscribe and get instant access.

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