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FREE HDR Lightroom Preset

HDR or high dynamic range is the process of merging the same photographs of different exposures together to create a more vibrant and dynamic image. Unfortunately, the process can be quite time-consuming and slow as well as take up more space on your SD card and computer by having to take more photos of the same thing.

To fix this problem we’ve created a free HDR Lightroom preset that will essentially do the same thing but just with a single click. No need for multiple exposures either. One photo is enough. Saying this, you should know that the real process of HDR processing will always be better but this is an easy and quick alternative and also useful for older photos that you took.

This free Lightroom preset is taken from our HDR Presets collection which costs $19 for 18 more presets.

  • Compatible with Lightroom Classic, CC, 6, 5, 4
  • Instructions Included
  • Mac & PC Compatible
  • Works With RAW & JPEG Photos
  • Adjustable Settings

Before & After

See what this preset can do when used.

From the example above, you can see that the preset really helps make an image pop and bring out the color a bit more. This photo was taken RAW so you can really see what happens in just a click.

Download here

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