Interested in getting quality links and exposure to your blog or website? Are you a Lightroom or Photoshop genius or just a photographer who wants to share their ideas & tips to the world? If so, then you should consider writing for us! We are mainly interested in the following topics:

  • Lightroom Tutorials, Tips, & Tricks
  • Photoshop Tutorials, Tips & Tricks
  • Anything about Photography

If you are chosen to write for us then here are the requirements:

  • Fresh new tutorials or articles of at least 700 words with good writing skills present.
  • Any level of skill is OK from Beginner to Expert topics.
  • Articles should contain at least one image relating to the topic, preferably more if you can.

In return for writing for us, we will be happy to give you a byline on our website. We will also include links pointing to your blog, portfolio, or website, provided by you.

Submitting your ideas

Send us an email explaining the article and ideas you have. You can contact us at admin@nuugraphics.com.

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