Lightroom Presets

Stop wasting time moving sliders around. Take more photos. Edit less. Try our presets today.

What are Lightroom Presets?

Presets for Lightroom are predefined settings that you can apply to your photos. They offer a quick and easy way to edit your photos without the need to move sliders around for every photo you are editing. There are also brush presets which allow you to brush over your photo with a certain setting. However, brushes only work in Lightroom Classic, not CC.

How do you use them?

You can use them by first importing them into Lightroom. After that, move to the develop tab at the top and then you will see the preset area on the left-hand side of your screen. These are where they will be located. Click on them to apply. For brushes, you will need to click the brush on the right-hand side of the screen and then click the down arrow where it says “Effect.” Then paint over the areas you would like.

Many Workflows and Styles to Choose From

At NUUGraphics, we have a wide selection of preset packages such as workflow kits for portrait, newborn, wildlife, landscape, and food photography. These kits are designed to help speed up your workflow by giving you presets specifically designed for faster editing. We also have one-click style and creative presets such as pastel coloring, vintage sepia, HDR, matte, and de-saturated film. All presets are fully customizable too.

Workflow Kits

How would you like to speed up your workflow? Our workflow kits are designed for just that. Included are both presets and brushes for fine-tuning your images much more than normal one-click style preset packs would do.

Portrait Presets

Designed with portrait photography in mind. The portrait workflow kit will help you to enhance the personality, mood, and expression of your subjects. There are also 17 brushes to help soften skin, brighten eyes, and more.

Newborn Presets

Soften the delicate skin and make your newborn photos appear much nicer. There are 20 presets and 10 brushes included in this pack.

Landscape Presets

Our third workflow kit for editing your landscape photos. Tidy up your large and beautiful landscape photography and capture the true feeling of nature. Over 33 presets to help you on your way.

Wildlife Presets

We noticed there really weren’t any presets made for wildlife photography. Not any good ones anyway. This is the solution to that issue. With over 10 presets and 12 brushes to help your wildlife workflow process.

Food Presets

The last workflow kit in our selection. As you can guess, it’s made for all those yummy photos of food. Great if you are an amateur or professional food photographer. Or of course, if you like to post pictures of your food on Instagram. Why not make them look a bit nicer. ;)

Creative Style Presets

We also have non-workflow related presets that are fun to play around with and can give interesting looks to your photos.

Pastel Presets

The first we have are pastel coloring presets. These can help give your photos a slight milky pastel look by altering the colors already in your photo.

Vintage Sepia Presets

Want to make your images appear they were taken in the 1920’s-30’s? These are the answer. Over 20 one-click style presets to choose from that add sepia, b&w, grain, or vignettes.

HDR Presets

Rather than taking many exposures and layering them together, you could use our HDR presets instead. One-click and you’ll be on your way. Much faster than the real alternative for HDR.

Matte Presets

Easily add a flat matte retro look to any image you choose. There are 30 stackable presets included as well as tone curve presets (how you produce matte in Lightroom) to dial in the matte as specific as you want.

Desaturated Film Presets

Our final product in this category will give your images a desaturated film look in seconds. The most fun and easy way to replicate that film look.

Lightroom presets are VERY easy to use and do not take much time to get used to. After 10 minutes of playing around and you will be a master with them. So why not pick some up and try them today. Don’t waste any more time playing with sliders. Buy some now (or try some free ones) and see what they can do for you.