Grainy Matte – Free Lightroom Preset

We’re getting awfully crazy over here giving away so many amazing presets. But we love you guys! Today we have a free Lightroom preset that will add a matte effect with a little bit of grain which helps to emulate old film cameras. The preset is stackable with other presets and only changes the tone curve and grain. We really love this one and hope you do too.

This free Lightroom preset is taken from our Matte Presets collection which costs $19 for 30 more presets.

  • Compatible with Lightroom 6, 5, 4, Classic & CC
  • Instructions Included
  • Mac & PC Compatible
  • Works With RAW & JPEG Photos
  • Adjustable Settings

Before & After

See what this preset can do. Move the sliders to see before (left) and after (right).

Just like that, both photos had their shadows crushed which gave that matte appearance. If you look closely you can also see the grain. We decided to not make the grain overpowering but you can easily change that yourself if you’d like.

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