Digital Backgrounds & Backdrops

Browse our collection of professionally designed digital backgrounds and backdrops for Photoshop or any layering software and green screens.

What are Digital Backdrops?

Digital backdrops are a cheap and fun alternative to real backdrops used in-studio. Useful for using with green screens for example. You could also Photoshop subjects into them for a more interesting location and background.

How do you use them?

To use them you’ll need some type of layering software such as Photoshop. You would simply open your backdrop of choice then edit your subject onto the backdrop. It does take a basic understanding of the software to use them effectively. However, after a short time using them, you’ll be a master of digital backdrops.

Wide Selection and Bundles

Here at NUUGraphics, we sell many types of backdrops and are always in the process of shooting and adding more. You’ll notice that we have spring, fall and various other types of backdrops such as doorways, etc. We sell them in bundles of 5-10 rather than one at a time as to give you a better deal than one at a time like other stores.

Spring Digital Backdrops

No matter what time of the year it is, you’ll be able to make your photos appear to be taken in spring. Easily bundled and ready to be used instantly.

Arches & Doorways

Want to frame your subjects inside doorways and archways? No problem, we have that too. Many different styles of doorways too so you’ll find something to suit the style you’re going for.

How to Use Digital Backdrops Step by Step

To expand on what we said earlier, let’s take a more detailed look at how to use them.

1) Cut your subject(s) out

The first step is to remove the current background from your subjects photo. You can do this in Photoshop for example by using the magnetic lasso tool and tracing around them. After you’ve selected the background, you would press delete to remove it leaving you only the subject.

2) Import and resize

After that, you’ll need to open your backdrop of choice then drop your subject on top of it. Resize to the desired size.

As you can see, it’s fairly straightforward to use digital backdrops. The more you use them the better you will get and then the more options for creative photos you will have!