Learn How To Create Lightroom Presets


Interested in creating your own Lightroom presets? Luckily, it’s super easy! For the purpose of this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to create a simple preset that will enhance the blue and add a little detail to a landscape photo. Let’s get started.

With Lightroom open, make sure you are on the Develop tab and then open up the basic tab. This is where we’ll begin making some adjustments to our photo.

First raise the contrast a little to somewhere around +5 – +10. Go ahead and lower highlights and raise shadows as well. For this photo I put highlights at -29 and shadows at +43.


Next, let’s add some clarity and vibrance to the photo. I put my clarity at +38 and vibrance at +29.

Now jump down to the HSL section. Look for the saturation sliders and raise the blue slider up to +70 or so. This is the main part of the preset that will enhance the blue.

Add a little detail as well to somewhere around +60 for a slightly cleaner photo. I also added a slight vignette at -10.

Now that you have set-up certain settings, you’ll want to save it as a preset for later! All you want to do is go to the left-hand side of Lightroom and look for the preset area. Click the plus sign, name your new preset and click create. That’s it!

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