About Us

Zachary, the owner of NUUGraphics.

The idea behind NUUGraphics originated when we realized there were way too many presets, and actions being sold unreasonable prices. Most websites and sellers only offer the ability to buy one preset at a time and that just isn’t right. We on the other hands, bundle our presets together and charge the same amount other would charge for just one preset!

Our roots started in 2015 on Etsy, where we initially sold textures, backgrounds, and other graphical items. We have since narrowed our focus to presets, actions, and overlays so that we can create higher quality products. At NUUGraphics we strive to make the best.

We want NUUGraphics to be more than just a store and highly encourage everyone to put good use to the presets and overlays we create. We would also love to hear your ideas and we may make it come to life!