About Us

Who Are We Anyway!?


Why We Exist

The idea behind NUUGraphics originated in 2014 when we realized there was way too many low-quality Lightroom presets being sold on the market. It almost seemed like these people just came in and moved the sliders around, repeat x10 or x100 and then saved and put them up for sale. As photographers, we realized this was a huge problem and wanted to offer people REAL actionable presets they can use to improve their photos and streamline their workflows, not just something a non-photographer with no knowledge looking to make quick money created. We’ve since added photo overlays to our library of products that we personally make in-studio with high-quality full frame cameras.

With a team of real photographers, we know how to make products that will actually be useful to you and this shows in our products. We use the same presets and overlays every day ourselves.

Join Our Community!

We want NUUGraphics to be more than just a store and rather a community of photographers learning and improving together. We highly encourage everyone to join us on Facebook. It’s free!